Will's high power rocket certification 2 flight

Here are some pictures from my level two high power rocketry certification flight. Anne took these photos. One of Anne's senior project teams is developing a WiFi enabled Linux board for flight on this rocket.

The flight took place at the Tripoli Whitakers launch. I'd like to express my sincere thanks to the local Tripoli prefects who have been so helpful:

I used a BSD Horizon 4" with a drogue-less dual-deploy system using a Defy Gravity Tether to deploy the main parachute. The recovery electronics unit is the MissileWorks RRC2.

The motor used was the AeroTech J350.
I'm getting "The Great Pumpkin" ready to fly. The motor isn't quite seated yet.
"The Great Pumpkin" is on the pad.
"The Great Pumpkin" landed in one of the harvested cotton fields. The altimeter reported a 4068' flight.

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